January 2019


Collaborative robots have opened a new era of automation. Many companies came back to robotics and others companies to try it out. A robot is really collaborative only if the tool it uses is also. But it is not its only quality, nor its only use.

Many small industries are questioning themselves on the whole manual assembly process and in doing so, challenge their processes but also their products, because the difficulties that can overcome a well-trained operator are often too important for a “reliable” automation.

Another segment that appears is the "real" collaboration where the robot relieves the operator by helping him on a complex and very difficult task to do alone.

In this segment, robots are powerful robots used with the safety that it takes to put the collaborator in confidence.

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A new challenge

A world recognized automotive supplier asked for our services in order to develop a new generation of testing machines.

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GRAL, GECoE Robotic Automatic Line

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We will present the GECoE at the Pharmacosmetech trade fair on 2nd, 3rd and 4th April 2019 at the exhibition center of Chartres.

Come to talk with us about your next projects. You will be welcome.

A world recognized automotive supplier asked for our services in order to develop a new generation of testing machines.

The perfomances that are being evaluated are vibro-acoustic and electronic measurments. The requirements were to have a compact machine (1,5m²) and to test 180 products/ hour and we managed to take up this challenge by creating a machine with a mechanical structure prevented from external disturbance with a 4-position-rotating plate.

This machine is handled by EasyTest, our multi-task sequencer that runs every test on each position in parallel which allows the machine to reach the needed perfomances.

This first equipment was just sent to China, the 2nd one is already being built.


The first customer that received our new fully robotized cell has been totally satisfied and we just finished to install him a second one.

The concept is extremely simple and adaptable: different testing machines with multiple positions are organized around a robotic arm. This arm takes continuously care of the good following of the process of each product that comes in the cell and that it travels correctly between the testing machines until it comes out of the cell with a "Good" status.

A supervising program allows then to check rapidly the condition of the cell and to operate on the line in a fully secure way.


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